About us

  • Since 2009, AT-Gaz LLC has been developing and improving in order to provide its customers with equipment and services of the highest quality.
  • AT-Gaz LLC develops design documentation for industrial facilities of any complexity, and also supplies high-tech equipment. 

Due to extensive production capabilities and solid experience of implementation of projects of different complexity AT-Gaz LLC realizes projects in the shortest possible time with minimum risks for the customer and offers cost-effective solutions.

AT-Gaz LLC takes part in major projects in Russia and CIS.

The priority of the company is individual approach, high quality of work performed and compliance with deadlines. 





The AT-Gaz LLC unites a group of qualified, creative and responsible people whose goal is the integrated supply of complete solutions for industrial construction projects, private housing construction, as well as special-purpose facilities and urban infrastructure.
AT-Gaz LLC is the official partner of the International concern DoorHan. 


More than 200 types of products for the construction and equipping of industrial, municipal and other facilities:

  • any types of buildings for complex infrastructure;
  • petrochemical industry;
  • automobile factories;
  • airports;
  • hotels;
  • special technical solutions for aviation;
  • and space industry;
  • objects of agricultural purpose;
  • elements of urban infrastructure;
  • house kits for individual residential construction. 

Products designed for any working conditions

When creating products, all possible conditions for their further operation, including a wide range of ambient temperatures, different climatic zones and voltage fluctuations, are taken into account.

Wide range of equipment from one manufacturer

Rich production and technological experience, versatility and comprehensive approach allow our company to offer our customers a wide range of equipment required to equip any facility.

High level of service

  • Accurate selection of equipment.
  • Departure of experts directly to the site for measurement.
  • The work of qualified installation teams. 

Optimum ratio «Price-quality»

Our own production of components, the presence of 24 production and storage complexes and the developed logistics allow us to offer products optimal in terms of «price - quality».

Minimum delivery times

A wide network of sales offices allows you to purchase ready-made sets of products, components and spare parts of products on the same day.

Maintenance in all regions

A wide network of service centers provides professional warranty and post-warranty service for products in the regions.

Modular buildings and other structures


All stages of the design

  • Audit of the existing warehouse system, description of technological and business processes.
  • Development of advanced technological and business processes.
  • Calculation of storage area parameters.
  • Development of advanced organizational structure of the warehouse. 

Supply of equipment

  • Design, manufacture and supply of automated storage systems.
  • Selection of personnel identification equipment.
  • Selection and calculation of the of the quantity of intralogistic tools.
  • Full range of installation and commissioning works. 


  • Staff consultation.
  • Maintenance of trial operation of the warehouse complex.
  • Adaptation of user documentation based on the results of the pilot operation. 

Trust and Quality

We produce automated warehouse equipment, develop technological projects and deliver a program of events designed especially for your warehouses, logistics complexes and industrial «turnkey» enterprises.

Our specialists create warehouse and transport systems for the organization of internal material flow and storage, using the most modern warehouse technology based on your needs! 


Activity of the company

AT-Gaz LLC also specializes in the development and production of import-substituting programmable logic controllers (PLC) and other automation equipment, design and turnkey supply of process control systems based on them for various industries, as well as the development of application software.

Pre-project works on creation of ACS TP

AT-Gaz LLC offers services to Customers on inspection of objects of automation and on performance of complex of pre-project works at registration of technical task.

Object Inspection and formation of requirements for automated process control systems

During the facility inspection phase, the following operations are carried out:

  • collection of data about the automation object;
  • assessment of the quality of functioning of the automation object;
  • identification of problems for which the most effective use of automation tools;
  • assessment of the technical and economic feasibility of creating automated process control systems. 

Development of the APCS concept

When developing the APCS concept, the scope of automation, the composition of subsystems, control principles and special requirements are determined. Next, the development of alternative options for the concept of automated systems and plans for their implementation, a comparison of the requirements of the Customer and the characteristics of the proposed systems, the choice of the best option in terms of reliability and other technical and economic indicators is carried out.

Development and approval of terms of reference

In the process of forming the requirements for the automated process control system, together with the Customer, the preparation of initial data for the development of terms of reference, a description of the requirements for the system and the equipment used, a list of subsystems and automation tasks, the allowable costs for development, commissioning and operation, as well as the expected effect from system implementation.
Based on the chosen version of the APCS concept and taking into account the initial data obtained during the inspection of the automation object, the development, coordination and approval of the terms of reference for the creation of the APCS is carried out. 

Technical audit of existing automation systems

When performing pre-design work, a technical audit of the existing process control systems is also carried out. Technical audit allows:

  • analyze working conditions and objectively assess the state of technical means of control and management, the degree of their obsolescence and physical deterioration;
  • identify the causes of the main problems of process control;
  • to develop a strategy and program for the modernization of existing automated process control systems, for optimizing their work, as well as for their integration with the implemented systems. 

Design of APCS

Designing is the most complex, responsible and requiring highly qualified performers stage of creating an automation system.


AT-Gaz LLC employs engineers with extensive experience in designing and reengineering APCS systems.


At this stage, the customer receives complete project documentation: terms of reference, draft design, technical design and working documentation.


High quality and speed of project implementation are achieved through the use of automated design systems (CAD) Compass-3D and E3.series.


Compliance of the working documentation and design solutions with the current Russian standards (GOST) and safety rules is confirmed by the conclusions of the industrial expertise on the completed projects.

Development, production and supply of technical means

AT-Gaz LLC, together with partners, develops and serially produces microprocessor controllers of various information capacities, which allow solving a full range of automation tasks - from systems with a small number of signals to automatic process control systems for power units, the number of input-output channels of which is in the thousands.

Installation work

• supervised installation of all system components;
• on-site installation of equipment;
• installation and connection of interface buses;
• installation and connection of signal cables;
• connection of power supply and grounding cables;
• verification of installation and connections. 


• loading application software into controllers and workstations;
• calibration of measuring channels;
• checking the operability of the complex of technical means of APCS;
• verification of algorithms, logic, information display forms;
• consultation of operating personnel;
• verification of a set of technical means of automated process control systems in combination with field equipment;
• putting into pilot operation;
• acceptance tests;
• putting into industrial operation. 


Our company provides

  • Warranty and post-warranty service, technical support.
  • Modernization and maintenance of existing APCS systems. 

AT-Gaz LLC also performs service of systems of third-party developers:

  1. Regular inspections and maintenance.
  2. Urgent departures in case of failures and accidents.
  3. Prompt delivery of spare parts and accessories (PTA), incl. from own warehouse.
  4. Comprehensive system diagnostics.
  5. Software debugging and upgrading.
  6. Storage of software and documentation backups.
  7. Testing and repair of equipment.
  8. Systems assessment and risk analysis.
  9. Compilation of spare parts regulations and specifications. 

Сборка шкафов осуществляется в городе Пермь. Производственные мощности, размещенные на площади 2000 кв.м, позволяют собирать до 400 шкафов в год.

Assembly of cabinets

One of the priority activities of the AT-Gaz LLC group of companies is the assembly production of electrical cabinets.

At the production site, assembly and installation of electrical cabinets for various purposes, conditions of use and design for automation systems of industrial enterprises is carried out:

  • cabinets for automated process control systems (APCS);
  • cabinets of automated power supply control systems and electricity metering (PDCS);
  • cabinets for analytical systems. 



Creation of new automated process control systems for equipment of continuous production:

Power plants

Pulp and paper mills

Petrochemical production

Concentrating and metallurgical enterprises

Food industry


Our company offers:

  • Drinking water systems.
  • Sea water desalination stations.
  • Water treatment systems for the needs of thermal power engineering (boiler recharge, cooling systems, condensate treatment, etc.).
  • Systems for obtaining feed water for the needs of equipment of various industries (chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical, etc.).
  • Systems for obtaining ultrapure deionized water for microelectronics.
  • Industrial wastewater treatment systems.
  • Systems for cleaning domestic and storm drains.
  • Switchboard equipment and process control systems (development and manufacture of electrical and control panels, development of production process control systems and software for them). 

The implementation of individual technological solutions for each Customer allows to increase the efficiency of equipment, reduce operating costs, increase the service life of equipment, reduce the concentration and volume of effluents at reconstructed facilities; as well as to put into operation modern, efficient, optimal in terms of price-quality ratio systems at facilities under construction.

The high quality of work is ensured by qualified specialists with extensive experience in the industry, systematic quality control of design products and technical control at production. Quality control of the services and equipment provided is ensured by the Certificate of Conformity of the Quality Management System to the national standard GOST R ISO 9001-2008.

Reliable equipment

To implement its technological solutions, our company uses modern reliable equipment of its own, Russian and foreign production from high-quality materials suitable for specific operating conditions, with the possibility of minimal and convenient maintenance. 

In addition, minimizing the need for maintenance is achieved by a high level of automation of water conditioning and water treatment systems.

The use of modern technologies allows to achieve maximum efficiency and, at the same time, compactness of equipment.

 The presence of our own design and production resources allows us to carry out large complex projects with maximum economic efficiency for the Customer. 

Our production facilities allow us to implement construction projects, reconstruction of modern integrated water treatment systems, wastewater treatment, as well as solving special technological problems for various industries. 


Due to the built relations with domestic and international organizations, AT-GAZ LLC is able to supply spare parts and components for imported equipment, despite the difficult geopolitical situation.