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"АТ-Gaz" Limited Company is a multi-profile dynamically developing Russian company specializing in supplies of industrial equipment for fuel and power generation enterprises, nuclear, aircraft and shipbuilding branches.

ООО "АТ-Gaz" was once founded as a specialized company for supplies of shut-off and control valves manufactured by Atommashexport for conventional and nuclear power generating enterprises. After some valuable experience had been gained, the management of the Company made up its mind both to deal with a wider equipment spectrum and to extend the supplies area.

For the time being, ООО "АТ-Gaz" is a strategic partner of a number of outstanding domestic and foreign manufacturers, whereas the list of Customers is constantly being extended with companies of the largest Russian groups of companies.

One of the principal activities of the Company is the introduction of up-to-date innovative solutions in the framework of the modernization of equipment and processes used in the Russian industry, the inevitable result whereof is the growth of the efficiency of industrial processes and considerable power savings. All these goals can be achieved by means of both simple and confined measures and complex integration projects.


Новая программа ОПК огорчит супостата о…

  Рогозин: Новая программа ОПК огорчит супостата образцами вооружения В 2016 году будет запущена новая госпрограмма российского оборонно-промышленного комплекса. Ее реализация будет способствовать созданию новейших авиационных комплексов, мощного флота и ракетного вооружения...

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"Sevmash" for the first time i…

Currently the shipyards laid nuclear submarines of the fourth generation. At different levels of readiness are a number of other submarines. In the company noted that all orders will be...

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