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ОАО "United Aircraft Corporation" (UAC, ОАО "UAC") — Russian aircraft manufacturing company, uniting the largest Russian aircraft manufacturers.

ОАО "Sukhoi Company"Russias biggest aircraft holding with over 26 thousand employees. The "Sukhoi" Company is a member of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC). The "Sukhoi" Group comprises leading Russian design bureaus and serial aircraft manufacturers. The company provides for complete process cycle in the aircraft manufacturing, from design to effective after-sale service. The Group manufactures — "Su" combat jets being the most up-to-date products in the world armament market and the basic tactical aircraft of Russia and many other countries. The Company is the largest Russian aircraft exporter, being the 3st in the world sales of modern fighter planes. For the time being, the Company is realizing prospective programs in the spheres of civil and military aircraft manufacturing.

 "Irkut" Corporation  has leading positions among Russian aircraft manufacturers, being a vertically integrated Group of companies with activities in design, production, sales and after-sale civil and military aircraft manufacturing.

ZАО "Aviastar-SP" — aircraft works in Ulyanovsk. The company is specialized on manufacturing of modern passenger and cargo aircrafts Tu-204, civil cargo planes Аn-124-100 "Ruslan" and military cargo planes Il-476. The production facilities of "Aviastar" allow for production of up to 50 aircrafts annually.


ОАО "United Shipbuilding Corporation" (USC)Russian state shipbuilding group of companies uniting the largest Russian shipyards.

ОАО "PO SEVMASH"Russias largest shipyard, the only shipyard in Russia building nuclear-powered submarines for the Navy. The shipyard has premises over 300 ha and over 100 subdivisions.

ОАО "Admiralty Shipyards"a fundamental shipbuilding enterprise, Russias non-nuclear submarine building shipyard. During over 307 years of activities the enterprise has built over 2600 ships and vessels of different types and classes: first Russian steamers, battleships and cruisers, the worlds first nuclear powered icebreaker, unique research and deep-sea submerged vessels, tankers of different types and classes, including strengthened ones for ice navigation, over 300 unique submarines of different projects. In the meantime, Admiralty Shipyards is a joint venture actively participating in the development of the domestic shipbuilding and the rebirth of Russias maritime glory. For the time being, the capacities of the enterprise are completely occupied, the shipyard is successfully realizing a series of contracts for home and foreign customers.

ОАО "Baltic Shipyard "YANTAR"since 1945, former shipyard of German company "Schihau". The history of the enterprise is closely related with the origin and development of the youngest Russian region, the Kaliningrad Region. The only Russian shipbuilding enterprise located in the non-freezing South-West part of the Baltic Sea, in the vicinity of the largest industrial centers of Europe.


ОАО "Almaz-Antey Air Defense Company"Russian group of companies developing and manufacturing armaments (Air and Anti-Missile Defense). The enterprises united in the group develop, manufacture and modernize air defense missile and radar equipment and its components (air defense is the main sphere of activities of the group). Beside that, the mission of the group of companies comprises operation monitoring, repair and utilization для федеральных государственных нужд и иностранных заказчиков систем, of facilities and means of air defense and non-strategic anti-missile defense.

Oil & Gas

ОАО "Gazprom"Russian fuel company for exploration, extraction, transportation, storage, processing and sales of natural gas, gas condensate and oil, as well as generation and supplies of thermal and electric power.

ОАО "LUKOIL" one of the biggest international vertically integrated group of oil & gas companies with 2,1% share of the worlds crude oil production.

ОАО "NK "Rosneft" Leader of Russian oil branch and one of the biggest public oil & gas companies in the world. The main activities of "Rosneft" are exploration and extraction of oil and gas, manufacturing of oil products and petrochemical products, as well as the distribution of these products.


ОАО "Atomredmetzoloto" (Urianium Holding "ARMZ")a uranium manufacturing company, in accordance with its internal data it has the 5th position in the world in uranium extraction and the 2nd position as to the discovered reserve.

Open Joint-Stock Company "Priargunskoye  proizvodstvennoye gorno-khimicheskoye obyedineniye" (ОАО "PPGHO")the biggest uranium mining enterprise in Russia including: a uranium ore mining department, a hydrometallurgical plant, Mining Department "Urtuyiskoye", a central scientific research laboratory, a central laboratory of instrumentation and automation, an independent mine-rescue militia detachment, a thermal power station, a specialized automotive department, a railway fleet and a mechanical repair works.

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