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Equipment for coatings and surface treatment:

NPO  «Process» - Design, manufacturing and operation start of galvanic equipment with any automation extent, in accordance with Customers- goals . Design and construction of industrial water treatment facilities.


Metal processing equipment:

DEG-RUSone of acknowledged leaders in supplies and servicing of a wide spectrum of metal processing equipment in Russia.

Messerone of the worldwide leading manufacturer of cutting and welding equipment, as well as technical gases; in the market since May 11, 1898.

CZ-Techdeveloper and manufacturer of modern CNC milling machines, specialized machines, designer of mechanical and electric equipment.

Thermal equipment:

Remix SASince 1990 in the market. Founded as a simple company, in 1999 reorganized to a joint-stock company and became one of the leading Polish manufacturers of high-quality thermal treatment of metals and melting furnaces.

ZАО "MIUS"Designer and manufacturer of equipment for electric thermal treatment. The production facilities of the enterprise allow for annual manufacturing of up to 1500 units of laboratory and industrial equipment.

Weldothermoffers since 1991 the most up-to-date technologies of thermal treatment of welding joints for chemical, petrochemical and natural gas branches.

SMKlimatmanufacturing of climatic test equipment, such as: climatic chambers, drying cabinets, laboratory thermostats and many other items.

PVATeplavacuum technologies for high-temperature processes and plasma and one of the leaders of the international market of agglomeration plants for production of hard alloys, crystal growth plants, as well as plants for surface activation and especially fine plasma purification.

API Schmidt Brettenis a world leader in development and manufacturing of a wide spectrum of heat exchangers.

Pumps and compressors

Compaira worldwide leading supplier of highly efficient and cost-saving compressors and auxiliary equipment for various purposes.

Seepexan enterprise with headquarters in Bottrop, develops, manufactures and sells all-over the world excentric screw pumps for high- and low-viscosity, aggressive and abrasive media.

Schwingone of worldwide leaders in manufacturing of construction equipment for concrete processing, over 70 years in the market of construction equipment, realizing systematic approach.


SYNKLAD is a manufacturing and commercial group of companies active in the sphere of industrial valves and pumps.

Magwenin continuation of the 150 years old tradition of valve production in Magdeburg (Magdeburger Armaturenwerke - MAW) and based on the know-how of leading production specialists offers to the customers well-proven valve types for enterprises of oil, gas, power generation and chemical industry.

Mining and concentration equipment:

Niftyliftone of the largest European enterprises for production of lifting and conveying equipment.

NFP Midiel specialized on design and comprehensive supplies of mining equipment, such as powerful lifting machines of special designs, tunnel winces and main shaft ventilation units with axial or radial ventilators.

Gormashexport performs activities in the concentration equipment and technologies market since 2000. For the time being a great number of concentration units have been designed and put into operation, new concentration technologies for minerals have been developed. Concentration of ores, coal, dry concentration, sand concentration, industrial  waste water treatment are the principal domains of activities.

КОNЕa Finnish manufacturer of lifts, cranes, moving stairways and ramps, and passenger lifts.

"SHELA" CompanySpecialized designer and manufacturer of electric equipment for mining industry of low and medium voltage 6-10 kV, as well as for civil and industrial construction.

Engineering companies:

KemekEngineering a company with over 20 years experience of engineering services. The main activities are: industrial automation systems, automotive and railway scales, industrial metering systems, laboratory equipment, equipment for material tests, industrial robotics and concrete mixing systems.

Magistralan engineering company, developing new quality standards combining the work of highly qualified specialists and European approach to services provided for the customers. Magistral provides a comprehensive spectrum of engineering services to the biggest Russian enterprises, and supplies to them equipment and components of high reliability degree.

 "Cleanroom Instruments" detached in 2005 from the industrial manufacturing company "Topaz-К", which supplied to the Russian market instruments for parameter monitoring of air in clean industrial rooms, including particle metering of sprays, test spray generators, air cleanliness monitoring systems

ATOMMASHEXPORTAs an engineering company, Atommashexport performs comprehensive development , supervises the manufacturing, monitors products in manufacturing, during installation, adjusting in customers- facilities; organizes optimal for the customer manufacturing, installation and adjustment by customer-s in-house specialists and with assistance on subcontract basis. The design subdivision of the Company employs specialists with vast experience of R&D in the defense branch and in equipment for nuclear power generation.

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